Classrooms, Schools & Education

With constantly changing demographics or the need for specialized areas, even the well-managed school can be thrown into an immediate need for additional space.

From simple one and two classroom buildings, to custom multi-class complexes, portable buildings are the smart solution to your changing education needs. Prefabricated transportable buildings bring you cost-effective, quality space on a tight schedule … so you can keep your school and your students working at their highest potential, with the least amount of disturbance.

Affordable Portables can provide you with:

  • Modular office buildings for permanent administrative offices.
  • Modular classroom buildings for students of all ages, whether children, youth or adults.
  • Specialist prefabricated buildings for libraries, music rooms or uniform rooms, science and computer labs, medical clinics and performing arts studios.
  • Permanent or portable buildings for dormitories, cafeterias, locker rooms and toilets ammenities.
  • Childcare centres with areas for classrooms, infants, administrative offices, recreation, kitchens and toilet ammenities.
  • Used mobile offices and relocatable buildings for temporary office space.

To meet the rapid growth of the education market, Affordable Portables can provide both permanent classroom additions and complete school campuses. Our comprehensive list of construction services includes: project design, engineering, construction, site work, building commissioning and financing with, for example, buy back options.

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